A SERVICE OF Worship in Memory of Esther Reimlinger tomorrow July 29, 2017 11AM at SPRINGFIELD UMC


August 19, 1928 – May 23, 2017


The Garden That I Love ⃰

The Garden that I love is full of Light:

It lies upon the sloping of a hill,

Where Dawn first stirs the curtains of the Night,

And the breeze whispers when the Noon is still.


The Garden that I love is full of Peace;

The voices of the vale are faint and far,

The busy murmurs of the highway cease,

And silently, at evening, comes the Star.


The Garden that I love is full of Dreams;

Visions of joy gone by, and bliss that waits,

Beyond the furthest verge of sunset gleams,

With the wide opening of the Golden Gates.


The Garden that I love is full of Rest;

God’s own fair Acre, where His dear ones lie,

In the safe shelter of the kind earth’s breast,

Waiting His Easter dawning up the sky.


There may I rest, asleep with them awhile,

There may I wake, with them, that glorious Day,

When, in the sunshine of the Master’s smile,

Sorrow and sighing shall be swept away!


Taken from the Memorial Service for Karl Reimlinger,

George’s father, on April 30th, 1956,

by Florence L. Henderson.